Disable Copy Paste In Blogger To Protect Blog Posts

Hello guys, welcome to today's this unique tutorial. If you are a blogger, then this post for you. Today I discuss with you how to disable cop[y paste in blogger to protect your blog posts. 
So, don't waste the time lets begin this tutorial.

Do not like the way google index those duplicate contents.  If someone copies my
Creating great content is a significant part of blogging.
You should disable posts to protect
Apparently, Google is currently trying to prevent this kind of article.
Copy-paste function is allowed in your blogger blog posts, the content thief
pastes it to your own blog and will replicate your blog post.  That means you'll see your work is copied to another blog/site without your permission.I
know that you can submit complaints to Google Authority to remove that duplicate content from your victim blog.
Paste and content Google should avoid that replicate content.
Blog content from content theft. Just about everyone should take a shortcut to success in blogging life.  For this reason, they are also ready to steal your work.  So don't let them become successful in blogger.

Why We are Disable Copy Paste In Blogger Posts?

A blogger must work hard and soul for making user-friendly and content SEO.  He must research a whole lot.  He shares his expertise with what he gathered to assist others.  If someone can still work within several clicks, it is going to hurt a blogger for creating additional content, and he will lose the inspiration.
In cases like this, Google takes no action and indexes that content entirely.
To me, this is not sensible because should a blogger spend some time on these shit?  Will he spend all day complaining or create content for his audience.  Of protecting his content, how many times will he complain?
Theft in another way.  If you're able to disable copy-paste in a blogger, you'll have the ability to take a step from your side to prevent content.  Because of this, I will show some way.
Sometimes Google provides rank to this duplicate content in blogger post...

How to Disable or Protect Copy Paste In Blogger Posts?

This is a recommendation to shield your content.  If you're operating your site in blogger and do not wish to allow anybody"paste and copy " your site articles with Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V afterward, this straightforward tutorial will disable duplicate-paste in Blogger posts.
The job will be made by this process at least more difficult, although I understand there are many ways to copy text from a site.  Let us come to this stage.
 You can secure your content from the copy-paste method utilized by plagiarists.  Don't let anybody steal your thought.

Method 1: Using JavaScript To Disable or Protect Copy Paste In Blogger Post

1. Sign in to your blogger account and then go to the Blogger “Dashboard.”

2. Click on the “Template” option and then click on “Edit HTML.”


3. In the HTML editor window appear, Find the line “<head>.”


4. Now copy and paste the following code below the line in the code area.


5. Click on the “Save Template” option, and you are done. Go to your blogger site using any browser. Reload the site page and then try to copy your content to make sure the code is working.

Method 2: Using CSS Code To Disable Copy Paste In Blogger Site

If you don’t want to use JavaScript code, then here is another impressive solution for you to disable copy paste in blogger. Actually, you can use a small piece of CSS code too to do the same task.

1. First follow the above steps 1, 2, and 3. t step 3, find the ending CSS “]]></b:skin>” except “<head>.”


2. Now you copy the following CSS code given below and paste it right above the “]]></b:skin>.”
  And click on  "Save Theme."



The first part of the above the CSS code will disable the copy of your blog. The second part will allow a user to copy the text inside the “blockquote, Pre and CodeHTML tag. If you share code on your blog or site and let the user copy only that piece of content, you can simply copy the above entire code. Otherwise, copy only the CSS Block named “body{……}” and implement it in your blog to protect everything.

I think you have done it entirely with this simple code. If you wish to disable this, then delete the code from where you have pasted it.

If you are using any different code to disable copy paste in blogger posts (“Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V”), let us know by using our comment section below. You can also ask for more help if you need so.


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